Monday, October 4, 2010

4.10.2010 Sunny Day Self Grooming DIY

hehe, is been forth times i groom the fur by myself

Not bad right ? Before that i used to spend Rm 80 each time for his grooming,

but now ...NOT!

Because of the price keep on increasing and the pattern i got, feel like 'sap sap water'

So, i decided to let my self few time of tries


with the help of youtube and self talents, I'm quite satisfied with it !


I still able to maintain, Such a Handsome and cute boy !


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

20.9.2010 Night こんばわ

Erm, seeing my ex college who Is a Japanese guy, able to write well in English , I look down on myself >"<

I try to recall back what I had learn, I fail to do so.. even all the basic, I almost forgot! haizz

I think have to download more iPhone Japanese application before I was force to take away my level 2 from my resume!!

がんばって ください

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Monday, September 20, 2010

20.9.2010 Cloudy Day The Place

Yesterday i passed The Place,
miss The Place so much
it makes me think alot of things
i started to refresh back, how my ex-bos treat me for the pass a year, with my limited ability, he gave me the apportunity to deal with those top management . what he told me before i leave. i really appreciate what he actuallyhave me in his plan. BUT i still leave him ! hehe

I don't know, i make a correct decision or not..but i still have to look forward

Drive along the road, passed thru the shops, i felt uneasy
the place where i used to hand up for dinner/lunch NOW became my memories

hokkien mee, claypot lou shu fen, bah kut teh, dim sum, the shop at salak, the seafood, and the place where the planes fly 4 storey high pass above me ;]

altought this place is as small as alor gajah, but the food here is as nice as melaka town!
i can see the new build 24 hours mcdonald with drive thru is finally here. Other then giant mall ,tesco mall is also on its construction

i happy to see the place is improving !

A very strong desire of want to BACK TO NILAI LIFE


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1.9.2010 Sunny Day ⓉⒽⒶⓃⓀⒻⓊⓁ

I been move to selangor's life for more then a month.

Well, i still able to live in a simple yet comfortable living

Why i said so ?

Point 1 : Since everything is well prepared, i just move in my own stuffs and stay. The best things found here is, ASTRO. I can stay connected to media ^^

Point 2: At least one in a month, my house mate's mother will come to visits her. Her mum, is GREAT and KIND. She do EVERTHING in the house. I can't even imagine she help to wash my bed sheet, sweep & mop my room's floor, wash my toilet and even fold my cloths and place nicely on my bed >< [ My mother also didn't help me to do at ALL ] really wanted to call my mother and 'action' to her ! haha

Point 3: Nevertheless ..she Cook meal for me and wash everything . OMG really don't know what else i can do , rather then sitting there enjoy the fruits she prepared for me ♥

Point 4: Is getting 4 years i using Artistry. Never ever miss it. Although i moved from nilai to selangor, the friend of mine never miss to send me the product right from nilai to my door step ! really don't know what to said ! Such a nice distributor, really hope to see her at the TOP

Point 5: I met a nice & good senior again ! A senior that willing to skip a lunch to make sure you understand. A senior that willing to share everything, solve and learn together ! Although sometimes the job is really make me crazy, but i had learned to be in 5 min of anger and 15 minutes laughing at the problem. Haha..
Any how, the best things is MY PLACE. My company is doing renovation, so i have to temporary sit in a room. I can felt to be a 'manager' in the room, where i enjoy the moment of, people standing at the door talking with me while i'm sitting . is syok Man ! Alone in the room, i can sit stand squad sing, even i'm whistling also not a problem! h


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

27.7.2010 Sunny Day Iphone make me feel stupid

Today, my friend told me that her iphone suddendly zoom in and not able to zoom out back. She is very worried and asked me that is it no more warranty after we jail break. I started to think, is it we are to0 brave enough and never think of the negative side after jail break.?


i guess, this is not the question i should ask since i jail breaked. All i have to think is a SOLUTION

Solution 1: i ask her to reboot her iphone by pressing Standby and home button together, but result shown same

Solution 2 : i ask her to tear of her screen protecter, result still the same >< ( wasted 1 protected screen sheet )
Solution 3 : i told her that maybe is the time to upgrade to OS 4. So i suggest her go to apple website to download the latest version which is OS 4. Simutaneously, i come out with another solution ..
Solution 4 : Search google, probabbly there is some one facing the problem
Result : It works on solution 4 ><
Root Cause : Unknown - suspected due to jailbreak
But the solution really make me laugh at myself ><

Simple Step : "Just tripple tap with three fingers on the screen and it will fix "

Damn man ! Human makes it complicated !
Warning: is your own risk after jailbreaked

Sunday, July 25, 2010

25.7.2010 Cloudy Day June-09 to July-10

Since i graduated, i had experienced to stay in 3 different types of premises

Flat upgraded to Semi-D and now downgraded to apartment

My room inside the Flat

My room inside the Semi-D

And the latest one...


My room inside the Appartment


3 rooms, only 1 similarity...know's what ?


The Acer ! 
I never dump it ,although i have the new one ><
i guess, it will follow me until it end it's life ba..
hopefully ,kakaka

just within a year time, i top upped my experiences in 'stuffs moving'

top upped how to adapt in a new environment

and and..
how to stay in side a house with a 'People' which so called 'housemate'

can i add this inside my resume?


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

13.7.2010 Sunny Day New Working Place

09.07.2010 was my last day in Alps Electric
12.07.2010 was my 1st day in Newspage

The time frame for me to quit Alps and go for Newspage is just 2 days

Previously thinking that i will be having 5days of holiday, but end up ..haih

It is actually quite fast and rush to me, but...i have to face it no matter how much i complained ><

Alright, How is my new working place ?!

hehehe.. the environment and facilities definately beated alps !

Why i said so ?

Of course the 1st thing i will compare is the things that i must use everyday !
The COMPUTER in Alps

The Computer in Newspage

big different, right?athought don't hAVE MAC, BUT it is much more better !

and the best things ..

I can surf net ,chatting, listen to the music anytime i wantt ttt


I don't need to do any cleaning process, as there are cleaners around every morning


it is not a big issue, if i'm late to work


the bad thing is i have to carry the ''dell" everyday


As for the info, i updating this blog during office hour


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